Compact LED Driver delivers up to 36A for industrial, medical, and entertainment applications

LVHC Series of LED drivers specifically design for low-voltage, high-current applications that are common to entertainment, industrial, and medical lighting solutions. Supporting output current up 36 Amps, the 150 Watt rated drivers offer custom pulse shape control and active thermal management to monitor LED temperature, current, and voltage.

  • Standard, off-the-shelf driver replaces in-house design resources, support and custom driver development
  • With its compact size, it is designed to be embedded into larger systems

LVHC LED Driver At-A-Glance:

  • 12 or 24 VDC input
  • Up to 36A output
  • 1 to 18V output
  • Rated to 150W
  • Custom pulse shaping input
  • Active thermal management

LVHC LED Driver Compatible Luminus Specialty LEDs

LVHC 150W Product Datasheet, User Guide

Demo Kit Request

Cuvee Systems offers our LVHC Demo Kit to qualified customers.

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LVHC Demo Kit User Guide

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