Cuvee CCT Tunable Dimmer and Driver offer the complete 2 channel solution for Human Centric Lighting (HCI) applications.  This complete solution ensure best compatibility and reduce development time and aimed for fastest Time-To-Market.  

The SDW-AOD Series 2 Channel Dimmer offers user friendly, intuitive rotary dial user interface to control both brightness & CCT controls, and only occupied a single junction box slot.  In addition, provides 2 operating modes and 8 settings, which allows maximized flexibility for users in daily uses.    

The DMR-AOD Series 2 Channel LED driver offers universal input voltages (120-277V), CCT Tunable with 2x 0/1 – 10V dimming control and superior performance for small to medium size lighting fixtures, such as downlights, tracklights/spotlights and wall sconces where form factor, precise light control, quality of light, and high reliability are critical factors.

SDW-AOD Series:  CCT Tunable Dual Channel Dimmer

  • Input:        100-277V (50-60Hz)
  • Output:     5A (max.)
  • Dimming:  0/1-10V (2 Channel)
  • User Modes:
    • Brightness control
    • CCT control
  • Operating Modes:
    • CCT Tunable Mode
    • Dim-To-Warm Mode
  • Customize Setting:
    • Min and Max Brightness settings
    • Min and Max CCT settings
    • Min and Max Brightness Dim-To-Warm settings
    • On/Off Fade-in/Fade-Out Duration    

Product Brief (04/2021, Rev 3)

DMR-AOD Series:  CCT Tunable Dual Channel LED Driver

  • Power:      42W
  • Input:        100-277V (50-60Hz)
  • Output:     150-1,050mA (12-40V)
  • Dimming:  0/1-10V (2 Channel)

Product Brief (09/2021, Rev 18)

Programming Tool User Guild (01/2022, Rev 3)

(Side Feed)
117 x 62.5 x 27 mm
(Back Feed)
119.9 x 65.2 x 28.2mm

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